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Our Mission

SF Career Training's mission is to give low-income men and women a better future by providing them with proper training for working in a hospital, clinic, and laboratory. At SFCT Phlebotomy Training, each student will be treated with kindness and respect while pursuing their training. Our programs create innovation with effective teaching methodologies by excellent instructors with healthcare professional experiences.

SF Career Training is here to help the community. We have been in business since June 2014. SF Career Training cares about our students and wants to give them our best. Our goals are to help students raise their educational levels and exceed student, workforce, and community expectations. SF Career Training is dedicated to:

  • Motivate and support students by offering the best vocational and workforce training, skills development, and continuous learning opportunities.

  • Help increase students' learning potential by providing a productive learning environment.

  • Introduce each student to qualities such as competence, promptness, and communication skills valued by potential companies.

  • Reply to the community's needs by advertising and maintaining relevant programs to support career enhancement.

  • Support faculty and staff in growth, professional development, and recognition opportunities.

  • Meet change through innovation and technology.

  • Stimulate communications, cooperation, and teamwork within SF Career Training and other local communities.

  • Ensure that SF Career Training is an inviting, friendly, and service-orientated organization to attract and retain students.

  • Provide affordable and approachable education.

  • Appreciation and promoting diversity.

  • Develop accountability through an ongoing system of evaluation, research, and improvement.

Vision & Values

  • Be Kind

  • Be Respectful

  • Be Responsible

  • Work Hard

  • Have Fun

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Ms. Carol A Reed

Ms. Pamela Brown



Ms. Lynette Pinex


Ms. Pamela Doyle


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